Turtle Island Hashers

A little over weight, a little slow, a little older, a little wiser and still learning.
Trying to shrink, speed up and get younger, not smarter.
Are you a Turtle?

What is Hashing?

Rules of Turtle Island Hashers

  1. There are exceptions to all rules
  2. Refer back to rule #1
  3. Never let the Truth get in the Way of a Good Story
  4. Cheating is Promoted, but Penalties are Great
  5. Sex, Drugs and Alcohol are a Given (with respect to the law)
  6. Must be a Turtle ………. Are you a Turtle?
  7. Live within 100’ of water or 1 mile from salt water
  8. Must own a pair of sandals (Flip Flops Negotiable)
  9. Must run or attempt to run 1 mile per day. Definition of running is forward motion

Let it be known that Turtle Island Hashers are not to be confused with:

  • Smokers
  • Athletes
  • Slop Eaters

Bikers Division

Must own, in reasonably good condition:

  • A Pedaling bike
  • A Helmet
  • A Shoe
  • A Bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Shorts
  • Bras Optional

How-To Directions

  • Hare runs and Marks the Trail to follow. ( Head start negotiable)
  • Turtles follow Trail as fast as they can. Running, Walking or Crawling.
  • If Turtles catch Hare Turtle buys choice of beverage in nearest available establishment
  • If Hare doesn’t get caught before next establishment or cooler, Turtles buy his available beverage of choice

History of Turtle Island Hashers

How the Turtle Island Hashers came to be – Report in process, still under investigation