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Turtle Water Taxi 


Turtle Water Taxi

Join us on a cruse thru Matlacha and sail  into the Moonlight

Soon to come

The way to see or commute around Matlacha

 Boat Charters & Water Taxis to the Islands


Capt. Dan Ballou (239) 246-6499

Tropic Star of Pine Island, Inc. (239) 283-0015 www.tropicstarcruises.com

Island Girl Charters (239) 283-5660

North Captiva Island Club  (239) 283-3630 www.vacationhomesplus.net

Pine Island Charters, Inc.  (239) 246-9577 www.pineislandcharters.com

Capt. Paul Waggoner  (239) 898-3790

Kayak and Canoe Rentals

Calusa Blueway Outfitters  (239) 481-4600 www.calusabluewayoutfitters.com

Gulf Coast Kayak LLC (239) 283-1125 www.gulfcoastkayak.com

Tropic Star Cruises/Kayaking (239) 283-0015 www.tropicstarcruises.com

Kayak and Canoe

Calusa Ghost Tours (239) 938-5342 www.calusaghosttour.com

Gulf Coast Kayak LLC (239) 283-1125 www.gulfcoastkayak.com


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