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Turtle Island Hashers

A little over weight, a little slow, a little older, a little wiser and still learning.
Trying to shrink, speed up and get younger, not smarter.

Are you a Turtle?

Hare & Turtles

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          What is Hashing?         

Rules of Turtle Island Hashers:

#1 There are exceptions to all rules
#2 Refer back to rule #1

#3 Never let the Truth get in the Way of a Good Story
#4 Cheating is Promoted, but Penalties are Great
#5 Sex, Drugs and Alcohol are a Given (with respect to the law)

Must be a Turtle ………. Are you a Turtle?
Live within 100’ of water or 1 mile from salt water
Must own a pair of sandals (Flip Flops Negotiable)

Must run or attempt to run 1 mile per day
Definition of running is (forward motion)

Let it be known that Turtle Island Hashers are not to be confused with:
Slop Eaters

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Bikers Division:

Must own in reasonably good condition:
A Pedaling bike
A Helmet
A Shoe
A Bottle
Bras Optional

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How to Directions:

Hare runs and Marks the Trail to follow. ( Head start negotiable)
Turtles follow Trail as fast as they can, Running, Walking or Crawling.
If Turtles catch Hare Turtle buys choice of beverage in nearest available establishment
If Hare doesn’t get caught before next establishment or cooler, Turtles buy his available beverage of choice

All Drink Down

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History of Turtle Island Hashers

How the Turtle Island Hashers came to be
Report in process, still under investigation

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Official Members

Ole Fat Turtle
Little Fat Turtle
Big Guy Turtle
Sweet Partner Turtle
Grumpy Ass Turtle
Goonie Turtle
Rack Turtle
and many more will elude later

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